Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Chistmas Beer

I've been looking forward to Christmas for the simple reason that a nascent interest in beer offers a distinct change from my usual seasonal practice of gulping bottles of Stella Artois (the beer of choice for parties held by friends of the family).

However, i've been a bit dissapointed. With regards to the 'seasonal' beers i've found in pubs, all of them seem to have nothing seasonal with regards to the taste of the beer. Tandleman has already pointed this out here. As I tried my first sip of the Hydes seasonal I felt almost cheated.

All hope is not lost however. There is a local-ish (worth the trip for a burgeoning beer geek like myself) off licence which stocks a plethora of beers i haven't tried.
So for the next few days i've stocked up with a few bottles of festive cheer, while hoping to expand my beery horizons at the same time.

Unlike Pencil and Spoon, i've not put a great deal of thought into the beer for Christmas Day itself but I have procured and intend to drink the following.

Youngs Chocolate Stout.
Goose Island IPA. (perhaps to go with the Christmas dinner.
Jever Pils
Robinsons Old Tom
Sam Smiths Taddy Porter and Winter Welcome
Anchor's Christmas Ale

A good selection for the relatively unexperienced drinker? The Jever and IPA aren't seasonal but I thought a bit of variety would be best.

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