Thursday, 24 December 2009

A very local beer

My local brewery is Robinsons. They pretty much dominate the local pub scene and have won numerous accolades for the winter beer 'Old Tom'.
They've also brewed a Chocolate Porter for the new Marks and Spencers range of beers, which Pete Brown has had some involvement with.

I broke into this last night.

It pours as a dark brown and seems to me to be far too light to be a Porter. Doesn't look 'chocolately', more a muddy look than anything. The aroma is one which you might expect to get from sticking your nose into a jar of instant hot chocolate. Not necessarily a bad thing of cours.e
The cocoa is also heavy on the taste with very little else getting a look in.
It's a perfectly drinkable beer and like the BeerNut the person who I drank it with loved it. However its far too thin to be a winter warmer and I expected a tad more flavour for my 6%.

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